Making it Happen, One Placement at a Time

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Josh Ogle
Ben Stein
Shayne Cardwell
Denielle Herrmann
Executive Assistant
Tyler Stroud
Director of Engineering
Emilee Mason
Content Team Manager
Jenny Chu
Email Marketing Specialist
Erik Sena
Jr. Social Media Coordinator
Macey Farnsworth
Content Specialist
Corey Oneal
Director of Display Media
Rocky Iorio
Email Publisher
Rachael Crosby
Digital Media Manager
Kayla Pitcher
Digital Media Buyer
Tom Ahn
Digital Media Strategist
Roger Sequeira
Senior Lead Designer
Billy Hamlin
Multimedia Designer & Technical Specialist
Iain Stratton
Multimedia Designer
Jessie Dugan
Director of Account Management
Madison Lavitz
Account Manager
Francine Im
Account Manager
Sabiha Tudesco
Director of Business Development
Ginny Hunter
National Sales Executive
Michael Bubel
Inventory Management and Fulfillment Coordinator
Jeremy Garcia
Shipping Assistant
Kevin Cullen
Marketing Assistant