Our mission is to revolutionize online monetization through innovation and groundbreaking technology.

Our Story

Zeeto was founded in 2010 by Stephan Goss in San Diego with a team that was originally just three people in a tiny office. In just a few short years we’ve grown to a team of over 70 people and made it to Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America. We are focused on helping publishers solve traffic monetization challenges with technology so that they can focus on creating great content that extends the reach and impact of their digital property.

Our Mission

Zeeto’s mission is to revolutionize online monetization by innovating through inquiry, and offering a groundbreaking advertising platform that benefits Publishers and Advertisers while respecting the time, savvy and privacy of site visitors.

Our Vision

Zeeto’s innovative monetization strategy implements speedily, delivering prompt and lucrative benefit to Publishers and Advertisers. We do it all effectively and efficiently, in real time, delivering ads immediately, and minimizing the numbers of questions and ads needed for maximum revenue.

At Zeeto, we’re working to change how data is created and challenging the status quo of the data economy. We believe that centralization of data in the hands of a few companies is a threat to the diversification and quality of digital content.

Stephan Goss, CEO
About Zeeto
About Zeeto
About Zeeto
About Zeeto


Samples.com is the premier platform for targeted consumer product sample distribution directly from brands to consumers. Site members discover a bounty of samples, coupons, deals, and savings strategies tailored to their personal needs. Brands target audience segments for distribution of samples to engaged consumers. In return, they receive detailed feedback about their product through customizable surveys. Brands also drive sales of their consumer packaged goods to large, pre-qualified audiences.

we value d.a.t.a.

Dedicated Fans

We value all our employees being raving fans of Zeeto. Whether that is because we provide great personal and professional opportunities, a fun place to work or amazing co-workers to learn from, we want employees to get fulfillment based on what is important to them. We do our utmost to eliminate obstacles and problems that can slow our employees down.


We believe that the only way our business will scale and be successful is if each person is accountable for their actions. The company will encourage, monitor and train for success but in the end employees must hold each other accountable to do great work, on time.


We believe in having an exceptional team and that a team’s effectiveness is limited by its worst player. We ensure our team is great by hiring, firing and training aggressively. This has the benefit that our employees get to work with the smartest, most dedicated co-workers to learn from and don’t have to pick up slack from others. 


We value doing the right amount of the right thing at the right time and re-evaluate constantly. To make a great product, we strive for progress, not perfection. We take risks freely but smartly and when a risk doesn’t work out as planned, we learn and adapt.

Our Executive Team

You could say their core competency is crushing it.
  • Stephan Goss
    Stephan Goss CEO & Founder

    Founded Zeeto in 2009. As CEO, Mr. Goss oversees all facets of the business and has grown Zeeto from a three-employee company to more than 70 in just a few years.

  • Shayne Cardwell
    Shayne Cardwell Chief Revenue Officer

    Former EVP at Lipsky, where he managed $1B in Consumer Loans, and before that served as SVP at Douglas-Michaels.

  • Marcie Gately
    Marcie Gately Chief Product Officer

    Former Head of Product at Gimbal (a Qualcomm company). She also previously served as Director of Product at Active Network and was Director of Product at WebSideStory (acquired by Omniture/Adobe).

  • Matt Ferguson
    Matt Ferguson Chief Technical Officer

    Former Senior Director at Sensus in VP Software Engineering. He launched Sensus Analytics SaaS solution and realized 100 customers in his first year. Matt also formerly served as VP of Engineering at Solekai Systems, and as Director of Software Engineering at Profitline.

Here at zeeto our

employees are our

greatest investment.

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