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The Ad Network Powered by Smart Questions

What makes the Zeeto Ad Network unique?

Unlike traditional ad networks that use context to target ads, Zeeto uses questions to discover data and then uses the answers to target ads. All Zeeto ads are shown directly after the questions are asked in a native, embedded format.

What’s awesome about the Zeeto Ad Network?

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Know exactly which publisher and placements you are bidding on. No blended traffic.

LTV Reporting

Maximize Life-time value (LTV) with revenue tracking pixels on a granular level.

Granular Bid Optimization

Optimize your bids on publisher, placement, question, answer and demographic level.

Fully Self-Serve

Create, manage, and optimize your campaigns via a self-service interface any time from anywhere.

Targeting via Questions

In addition to the usual demographic targeting, pick from over a 100 questions to use to target and optimize your campaign.


Avoid buying duplicate leads and traffic by using our suppression tools to scrub against your database.

What campaign types do you offer?

Choose the campaign that is right for you

Simple Opt-in Leads

Buy highly engaged, real-time generated, exclusive hot leads who expect to be contacted by you. Ideal for expanding your email lists, call center campaigns and direct mail efforts. Average open rates of +20%.

Display Traffic

Drive scalable traffic directly to your landing page. Bid granularly via question targeting and full publisher transparency for great ROAS. Optimize in real-time via our revenue tracking pixel. CTRs as high as 80%.

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