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Take your consumer research to the next level.
Survey your exact audience, in real time, using our self-service platform.

What makes Zeeto Consumer Research unique?

Unlike traditional consumer research companies, we don’t have to custom build panels for you or create massively expensive ad campaigns to drive users to answer your questions. We simply add your questions to the Zeeto placements, giving them immediate, near unlimited scale and targeting.

What’s awesome about Zeeto Consumer Research?

Better feedback based on real-time data.

Fully Self-Serve

Build your own consumer research surveys in our self-serve interface without the need for a high-end agency.

Demographic Targeting

Survey only your potential customers by limiting who you serve your survey to. Targeting is available by demographic, location, psychographics, and more.

Access Millions of Customers

Get immediate access to millions of users who answer Zeeto questions every month. It’s immediate scale at the press of a button!

Not Your Usual Survey Takers

By targeting your survey to certain Zeeto Placements, you will access a unique set of users instead of the usual paid online survey takers.

Immediate Results

Complete a campaign from setup, delivery, and analysis in as little as a day.

No minimum fees

Our real-time bidding platform allows you to set your budget without any minimum fees and specify specific bids per question.

Achieve your Consumer Research Goals

Optimize your targeting efforts with ease.

Market Research

Get superior results and better insights for less with Zeeto’s Consumer Research Platform.

PR Polling Services

Make PR decisions faster and more accurately. Test language immediately without long lead times.

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