Data Augmentation

What have you always wanted to know about your users?
We’ll just ask them for you and append it to your file.

What makes Zeeto Data Augmentation unique?

Unlike everyone else, we like the simple approach, we just ask. If you have you ever thought: “If I only knew X about my customer, I would be able to make SO much more money!” Simply give us a file of people you’d like to ask, tell us the question and when that individual sees a Zeeto Placement on a publishers site, we’ll ask them your question and append the answer to your file. Any question, to anyone, any time.

What’s awesome about the Zeeto Data Augmentation?

Data tools to upgrade your market predictions.

Target Via Email, Phone and Address

We can find users based on email addresses, phone numbers or physical addresses. Simply tell us the customers you would like to learn more about and we’ll find them on the Zeeto publisher network and ask them your questions.

Real-Time Data

When your targeted customers sees a Zeeto Placement, our algorithm will recognize them and show them your question.

On Demand

Start, stop and pause an augmentation campaign any time yourself. No minimums, fees or retainers.

Individual User-Level Data

Unlike Consumer Research, we ask your specific question to the exact user you have identified. Then we deliver the answer so you can append it to your file and use it in any way you like.

Massive Scale

Gain access through our massive scale Publisher Network and get your question in front of all of your customers to get the data  you need quickly.

No old, recycled Data

We don’t use legacy data, we don’t buy data and we don’t do any fancy math to guess the answers. We just ask on your behalf.

How do I use Zeeto’s Data?

Optimize your targeting efforts with ease.

Simple Opt-in Leads

Discover your own custom triggers via on-demand questions. Are you a cellphone service provider? Wouldn’t it be great to ask customers who are up for renewal if they intend to switch providers so you can call them with a special offer? That’s no problem with the Zeeto Insights Cloud.

Big Data

Use Zeeto’s Data Augmentation product to discover highly predictive data points to upgrade your models. Give your scientists the data they need to make more insightful, accurate and effective predictions.

Refine your Marketing

If you could ask each of your customers a question before you sent them a marketing piece, what would it be and how much money would it save you to be able to target your marketing strategy on a one-to-one level instead of via predictive analytics?

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