Data Augmentation

What have you always wanted to know about your users?
We’ll just ask them for you and append it to your file.

What makes Zeeto Data Validation different?

We generate and refresh our data via our publisher placements, guaranteeing the highest level of accuracy. Maximize your performance by using the highest quality data validation available.

What’s awesome about Zeeto Data Validation?

Data tools to upgrade your market predictions.

Constantly Updated Data

Millions of users interact with the Zeeto Insights Cloud every month. Through their interactions and answers, we can provide highly-accurate data.

Real-time AP

Ping our data via our real-time API to validate users right as they register.

Advanced Feedback

Our API returns advanced feedback so that you can not only re-prompt the user to fix the entry but do so smartly.

How do I use Zeeto’s Data?

Optimize your targeting efforts with ease.

Email Validation

Ping your emails against our list to validate their existence as well as filter out the high problem and low engagement emails.

Phone Number Validation

With real-time feedback from hundreds of buyers, we can tell you not only if a number is valid, but if it is in active use.

Address Validation

With a major part of US households completing Zeeto Placements each month, we can validate postal addresses and match them with residents’ complete records, including email addresses and phone numbers.

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