Know More, Monetize Better.

Unlike traditional ad networks that use context to target ads, Zeeto uses questions to discover data and then uses the answers to target ads. All Zeeto ads are shown directly after the questions are asked in a native, embedded format.

Zeeto helps websites, apps, and publishers monetize their traffic with a unique approach – we ask questions to discover high value data points. Brands in turn use this valuable data to connect with existing and prospective clients in a more engaging and efficient way.

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Decide where you want to make money on your site.

Create a new revenue source for your site or app in places like registrations, installs, subscriptions and paywalls.

See how questions discover your visitor’s highest value.

Present visitors with smart questions and find high-vaue, actionable visitor attributes that will transform low-value traffic to premium traffic.

Relax and watch the money roll in, then cash your checks from us.

Advertisers compete and bid for your dynamically created inventory. We fulfill the transactions and send you a check.

Easy, right?

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See our smart technology in action.

Our technology fits seamlessly into your site with just a short snippet of code. Once your placement is live our smart questions go to work to uncover the highest visitor attributes that generate ad inventory which is auctioned to your approved list of advertisers in the Zeeto Ad Network, ensuring you get top dollar for every impression.

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