Mob Programming Comes to Zeeto

 In Zeeto

After years of traditional Scrum programming, we decided to change things up a little and join the mob. We’re not talking about the DeNiro, Goodfellas mob, but the less violent and more progressive one – mob programming. After one week of rehearsal, our dev team of 25 jumped right into it with 5 different teams.

You’re probably asking yourself, “what the heck is mob programming?” Simply put, mob programming is coding as a team. The process was actually pioneered in San Diego at Hunter Industries – they are the leader in this movement. Often, teams come together to solve problems in a war room or huddled together. Why not do it all the time? We’re taking that mindset and extrapolating it on a daily basis.

We are looking at the company’s holistic culture and not just our engineering team. Our goal is to eliminate waste, reduce the number of meetings, and increase collaboration. By putting ideas and instructions into code and into the computer through someone else’s hands you get better code, connect right and left brain, and ultimately get much higher quality code.

There has been much-documented success with Pair Programming, Extreme Programming, etc. Mobbing is extending this metaphor to include from ideation through design to Implementation.

We’re excited to embark on this new path and look forward to sharing our experiences as they unfold.


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