How are Zeeto Retargeting Cookies different?

Instead of accessing third party cookie pools via DSP’s, we allow you to build your own. Use Zeeto’s Targeting Tool to get your cookies placed on the right audiences, then re-target on any network.

What’s awesome about Zeeto Retargeting Cookies?

Data tools to upgrade your market predictions.

Any Network

Place cookies for any supported Network.

Targeting via Questions

Your cookies will only be placed after a user has answered the questions that are required for them to be qualified for your campaign.


Through our Publisher Network, gain access to millions of consumers for re-targeting with immediate scale.

Self Serve

Set up your own campaigns and manage them in real time via our self serve interface.

LTV Reporting

Our revenue post-back pixels allow you to optimize which cookies you buy in real time for maximum ROI.

Granular Bid Optimization

Buy cookies targeted via demographics, psychographics, publisher targeting and Zeeto Insights Questions.

Campaigns To Achieve Your Goals

Optimize your targeting efforts with ease.

Build a 1st Party Cookie Pool

Zeeto’s Platform allows you to build exclusive, 1st party cookie pools that are hyper targetable for maximum ROI.

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