Samples.com is the premier platform for targeted consumer product sample distribution directly from brands to consumers. Site members discover a bounty of samples, coupons, deals, and savings strategies tailored to their personal needs. Brands target audience segments for distribution of samples to engaged consumers. In return, they receive detailed feedback about their product through customizable surveys. Brands also drive sales of their consumer packaged goods to large, pre-qualified audiences.

Meet the Team

  • Edward Gonzalez
    Edward Gonzalez Shipping Clerk
  • Roger Sequeira
    Roger Sequeira Sr. Lead Designer
  • Kevin Cullen
    Kevin Cullen Email Marketing Assistant
  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones Advertising Operations Coordinator
  • Madison Lavitz
    Madison Lavitz Account Manager
  • Jessie Dugan
    Jessie Dugan Sr. Account Manager
  • Nick Huth
    Nick Huth Jr. Content Specialist
  • Macey Farnsworth
    Macey Farnsworth Content Specialist
  • Michael Bubel
    Michael Bubel Inventory and Fulfillment Team Manager
  • Rachael Crosby
    Rachael Crosby Assistant Director of Media
  • Emilee Mason
    Emilee Mason Content Team Manager
  • Iain Stratton
    Iain Stratton Multimedia Designer
  • Billy Hamlin
    Billy Hamlin Multimedia Designer & Technical Specialist

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