Announcing CPA Pricing Models for Link Out Campaigns

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Clicks are great, but they are not always the Holy Grail. That’s why we are rolling out Cost Per Acquisition, or Cost Per Action (CPA) pricing for Zeeto Ad Network Link Out campaigns. (We’ll pause here so you can do your happy dance.)

Now advertisers can choose between Cost Per Click (CPC) and CPA pricing so they can derive even more value from ZAN placements, which is good news for our publisher partners, too. Let’s take a closer look.

 How it works

Zeeto Ad Network uses tracking pixels to record the actions visitors take on a site. Pixels are easily embedded into the relevant creative, and we bill when a visitor converts, based on the chosen metric. For example, perhaps you are trying to drive purchases or get users to fill out a form. You decide the criteria and we’ll track and bill accordingly.


 ZAN Link Out Campaigns

Let’s go over some quick background on Link Out campaigns. Link Out campaigns are the newest edition to the ZAN campaign family. Getting started is as easy as uploading a creative and setting a destination URL. Users can choose between Cost Per Click (CPC) and now, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) pricing.  

Zeeto Link Out Campaign example

Example: Link Out Campaign

Link Out campaigns are great for grabbing users’ attention and driving clicks. You determine where your link leads to. For example, you can drive users to a registration funnel or a custom landing page.

From the ZAN Portal you can easily set your daily budget, schedule the best time for your campaign to run, and set frequency caps to control how many times users see your ad over a given time period and conversion limits to control how many times the same visitor can convert on your ad over a given time period.  


Why it matters

The new ZAN CPA Link Out campaigns allow users to customize their campaigns around the metrics that matter most to them. Benefits include:

  • More flexibility
  • Ability to drive qualified leads, registrations, etc.
  • Pay for the results that matter to you
  • Better manage your budget

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