Design for Scalability – February Tech Exchange Recap

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How Pattern Libraries and Reusable Components Future-Proof Your Application

Every month the best tech meetup in “America’s Finest City” converges and tech executives discuss, debate and network with fellow tech industry veterans. On February, 16th, 2017 the Zeeto Tech Exchange returned with, “Design for Scalability: How Pattern Libraries and Reusable Components Future Proof Your Application”.

“Design for Scalability” like previous sessions of the inaugural series of the Zeeto Tech Exchange, “Navigating the Technical Landscape” focused on a challenge we encountered while doing a complete rebuild of the Zeeto platform. One of the challenges we tackled while overhauling the Zeeto platform was implementing a design strategy that would stand the test of time and would check the following boxes:

  1. Have a high- degree of reusability
  2. Remain easy to maintain
  3. Deliver a Consistent User Experience

We were looking to find a way to future-proof our application, but like with everything in business, there are pros and cons to all courses of action. Our speakers Rahmeen Shary, Director of UX and Andre Recinto, Sr. Software Engineer walked the packed house at Zeeto’s employee restaurant, “The Questionable Exchange” through Zeeto’s approach to future-proof design in two parts. The first part of the session led my Rahmeen Shary provided an overview of the design system Zeeto decided to use and how it was influenced by Atomic Design Theory. Rahmeen walked the crowd through the patterns Zeeto used for typography, colors, buttons, colors forms, and tables.


Zeeto Tech Exchange - Speaker Rahmeen Shary

February Tech Exchange, “Design for Scalability” – Zeeto’s Director of UX/UI, Rahmeen Shary sharing an analysis of the pros and cons of future-proofing an application.

For the second half of the session, Andre Recinto took over presenting duties and showed the crowd the mechanics of implementing reusable components and the tools and technology that were selected to make it happen. Andre covered React, which Zeeto chose as the main library for our platforms view layer and the reasoning behind going with React.js versus Angular. Next Andre covered Redux which can be used to manage state and subscribers to the Flux network and the benefits and drawbacks of the tool. The design strategy and the applications choices came together when Andre walked the crowd through the process of taking a mock up from the product team to a breakdown of different components and ultimately the code for each component.

Zeeto Tech Exchange - Design for Scalability

Zeeto Sr. Software Engineer, Andre Recinto speaking at the Zeeto Tech Exchange on Februry 16, 2017.

There were great questions from the audience throughout the session from both the designers and the front-end developers in the audience. Many of the experiences shared focused on how design challenges were approached and on a healthy debate between the merits and drawbacks of React and Redux.  The next session of the Zeeto Tech Exchange will be on Database Infrastructure and we hope to have everyone back for a beer provided by Stone Brewing. If you missed the February session you can see the presentations in the SlideShare’s below.

Zeeto Tech Exchange: Design for Scalability – UX


Zeeto Tech Exchange: Design for Scalability – Front-End

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