Zeeto Updates Publisher Reporting Functionality

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Less isn’t more. More is more. That is what we tattooed on our developer’s arm after he completed our latest product update: more granular reporting.

Now you can break down Zeeto reporting into five minute increments so you can have a more precise understanding of your placements, your traffic, and your monetization strategy. Pretty sweet, eh?

How it works

With all Zeeto reporting, you can now drill down to five-minute increments. For publishers, this means you can better understand how your placements are performing. For advertisers, it means you get a more detailed look at your campaign performance. Check it out anytime on your Overview Tab!


And fear not, if five-minute increments are too granular for you, you can always opt to view your data broken down by the hour.


Why it matters

Zeeto Reporting Tools are designed to give you the data you need to understand your Zeeto placements and campaigns. The more you know, the better you can optimize. More granular reporting helps publishers understand their traffic patterns and maximize Lifetime Value (LTV).

Granular campaign data helps advertisers understand what is working and refine their strategy accordingly so they can derive as much value as possible from Zeeto Ad Network. And bonus: our charts are designed to be easy to analyze so even the non-data experts on your team can derive meaning from them. Go on, check ‘em out!   

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