Zeeto Rolls Out New Publisher Monetization Features

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Introducing More Control Over Your Monetization Strategy — Zeeto Rolls Out New Publisher Monetization Features

At Zeeto, we believe that the more control we give publishers over their Zeeto Placements, the more money they will be able to generate. We realize that every audience is different. We want to make it easy for publishers to try out different campaigns placement configurations , compare results, and ultimately design the monetization strategy that brings in the most dough possible, all while preserving a grade-A user experience.

That is why we are so excited to announce some major improvements to our Publisher Monetization “Control Panel.” These updates will help you be more strategic in how you make money with Zeeto placements and better control your visitor experience. They are also super easy to use. Let’s have a look, shall we?

 How it works

Now you can customize:

  • The types of campaigns you run on Zeeto placements
  • The maximum number of questions a user can be served (1 – 25)
  • Whether or not people can skip questions.

We made it easy to mix and match campaign types and criteria. Try a Simple Opt-in, a Link-Out campaign, or a couple of both. And if you ever need a refresher, simply click “view sample” to see what these campaigns look like.


Adding a Zeeto monetization is easy!


All the monetization criteria can be updated on a per placement basis, so you can design the user experience that works best for your audience. You can also split test different permutations to see what performs best in each area of your site.

Here is a hypothetical. You discover that on your registration page, you generate the most revenue with a maximum of 5 questions and no skip button, whereas on your email sign-up page, you have better results with a 25-question limit and a skip option. Now it is easy to discover insights like these, make quick and changes, test out different campaign factors, and just straight-up have more control over your monetization strategy.



 Why it matters

The goal of our new Monetization features is to help you drive more revenue with Zeeto Placements while maintaining the best user experience possible. Zeeto Monetization makes it easy to:

-Control the user experience

-Make more money by testing out Zeeto campaign types and customizing campaign details
-Customize different campaign details on a per placement basis

-Test out new campaign types to see if they work for your audience

Pretty sweet, right?

Ready to learn more about Zeeto Ad Network? Contact us today.

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