Unlock the Zeeto Value of Each Visitor

Smart Questions that uncover unmatched targeting insights

Zeeto is pioneering the next-generation of traffic monetization technology

We provide solutions that help our clients take large streams of visitor traffic and up-value each user via a one-to-one optimized funnel that asks smart questions and reveals valuable targeting data. The result is hyper-targeted ad inventory ready for advertisers to bid on in the
Zeeto AdExchange.


Zeeto is easy to implement and creates automated revenue opportunities


Zeeto enables advertisers to maximize the ROI of their ad spend with the most precise hyper-targeting


Real-time customization delivers relevant offers to visitors for an optimal user experience

How the Zeeto Ad Network Works

1 Plug & Play Implementation

Seamlessly incorporate Zeeto anywhere on your digital property

2 Questions Reveal Data

Questions surface valuable information about each visitor

3 Maximize Your Revenue

Hyper-targeted ads from advertisers are presented based on responses

Driving Performance for the World’s Biggest Brands

How Get It Free achieved astonishing growth with Zeeto

How Get It Free grew 508% in 3 years

Millions of people visit Get It Free every month looking for the best free samples on the internet. Get It Free’s goal was to create new revenue streams that didn’t interfere with the user experience of their site or impact existing conversion events. Leveraging Zeeto, Get it Free created a new monetization event on their property that seamlessly flowed with their existing user registration.

Get It Free Recovers 120% of ad spend just from monetizing their registration

As visitors on Get It Free register to receive free samples a Zeeto powered flow of dynamic questions is introduced and answers are matched with personalized sponsored offers. Using Zeeto helped Get it Free find the unique value in each visitor and drastically increase the value of their ad inventory. From day one Get it Free recovered 120% of their daily ad spend which allowed them to take recouped acquisition costs and reinvest proceeds to continue to fuel their growth.

Targeted Placements at Scale

Through the Zeeto AdExchange, Get It Free’s ad inventory and leads were auctioned to the most relevant and profitable advertisers resulting in Get It Free exceeding their goals. Only through the Zeeto AdExchange can marketers find even the toughest niche customers.

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