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Smart monetization,
made simple.

For Publishers, Zeeto offers a simple monetization strategy that seamlessly adds another revenue source to your site in places like paywalls, registrations, and subscriptions.

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A New Revenue Stream in Minutes

Implementing a Zeeto a placement is as easy as embedding a snippet of code. Once in place, our platform gets to work – asking visitors smart questions and using their answers to display high-value ads to generate an optimal CPM.

Own the Visitor Experience

Placements seamlessly fit on your website or app and flow within your user experience. You control what advertisers can show up on your property and select the offers you want your visitors to see.

Comprehensive Reporting

Always know what’s going on. With Zeeto reports you’ll always have visibility into performance so you can forecast and make the decisions that fit your business.

Find your audience with unprecedented targeting.

For Advertisers, scalable, on-demand ad inventory, so you can uniquely target the right people ready to convert.

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Unmatched Targeting Capabilities

Zeeto targeting uses smart questions to reveal actionable, premium attributes so each ad impression you pay for is a relevant engagement with your brand that performs.

Performance That Crushes Expectations

The Zeeto platform identifies the right audience for you so whatever your goal you can create brand awareness, grow revenue, and generate more leads with an outstanding ROI.

Optimize Your Bidding Strategy

Cut your customer acquisition costs with unprecedented control of your bidding strategy. Only Zeeto lets you tier bids for specific target segments based on how they perform for you.

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