Know More, Monetize Better.

Introducing the data discovery platform that brings actionable intelligence through the power of questions.


A new way of data discovery to bring customer understanding to a whole new level

Get to know your audience and tap into the value of each visitor.


We collect data from users by asking questions across Zeeto’s network of publisher partners. These questions integrate with paywalls, registration forms and subscription pages. The result is one of the largest and most up-to-date granular data sources in the world.

Real-time, on-demand data for superior results and better insights

A unique network backed by smart technology

Access to millions of consumers through our Publisher Network

Crush your revenue targets.

Unlike traditional ad networks that use context to target ads, Zeeto uses questions to discover data and then uses the answers to target ads. All Zeeto ads are shown directly after the questions is asked in a native, embedded format. Easy implementation, fast monetization.







Highest Bid Wins

Smart question generated ad inventory is auctioned to your approved list of advertisers in the Zeeto Ad Network ensuring you get top dollar for every impression.

Control Your Brand

Placements seamlessly fit on your website or app. You control what advertisers can appear on your site and the offers you want your visitors to see.

Plug & Play

Implementing a Zeeto placement is as easy as embedding a snippet of code. Once in place, our platform gets to work – asking visitors smart questions and using their answers to display high-value ads.

Solutions For All of Your Business Objectives.

Native Ad Network

The Zeeto Advertising Network displays your ads immediately after a question is answered. Through our self-serve interface, you can bid on exclusive first-party ad inventory. Target via demographics, psychographics, and Zeeto questions to get killer ROAS.

Consumer Research

Turbocharge your consumer research. Find your target audience and learn their preferences, motivations and buying behavior by asking them.

Data Augmentation

Win more with better data. Need to know a unique data point about each of your users? Identify what you want to know and when your users see a Zeeto placement, we will get you answers you need and append discovered data points to your entire customer database.

Data Validation

Because we have some of the most actionable and up-to-date data in the world, we can help clients with data curation and validation. Ensure that you’re talking to the right person by having Zeeto validate email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Mailing Lists

Zeeto has data on nearly every person in the US. We can provide granular, accurate and highly–responsive lists for direct mail efforts. They can be sliced and diced via our question data so you can target at an individual level to drive the best results.

Retargeting Cookies

Zeeto’s Cookie Auction allows clients to build their own 1st party cookie data. It’s as simple as determining which question you want us to place your cookie on. We can place your cookie so you can retarget across the internet and other networks.

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