Smart Questions to Uncover the Insights Advertisers Want

Add a Zeeto Placement

Create a new revenue source for your site or app in places like registrations, installs, subscriptions and paywalls.

Smart questions at work

We present visitors with smart questions to find high-value, actionable visitor attributes. These newly discovered insights transform low-value traffic to highly desirable premium that commands higher CPM’s.

The highest paying ad is shown

Advertisers bid and compete for your dynamically created inventory. We handle and fulfill all of the transactions and send you a check.

A solution designed for every publisher

The Anti-Paywall

Get a new revenue stream that can supplement paywalls by prompting your visitors to answer a flow of questions. This creates an alternative opportunity to monetize your visitors when they don’t wish to go through a  paywall.

In App Events

Grow your revenue opportunities by expanding your monetization events. Zeeto in your in-app purchase flows give users that don’t want to pay the option to view an ad instead, driving engagement without sacrificing revenue.

App Installs

Maximize revenue for every hard-won install from day one. We help you make advertising revenue without losing valuable real estate by inserting a smart question flow to your app install flow.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?