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Our benefits

  • icon Scale

    your ad revenue with profitable Yes Prospects through our self-serve platform.

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    your website traffic at a higher level by focusing
    on audience data. No more irrelevant ads, inflexible contracts, or a limited choice of advertisers.

  • icon Manage

    your own processes and revenue, explore deep analytics, and easily customize on-site display ads.

How it works

  • frame Discover all monetization possibilities with a personal manager

    We recognize that each publisher has different requirements for monetizing their web properties. That is why we provide a professional account manager to assist you in maximizing your revenue. The manager will collaborate with you to understand your objectives, optimize your monetization plan, and help you establish your web properties on our platform.

  • frame Sign up and register your web properties

    You can quickly register your web properties on after signing up and verifying your email address. This step will enable you to monetize your web traffic and start earning money.

  • frame Add our placement code to the web properties

    After registering your web properties, you should add our placement code to your website. The code is simple to install and will allow you to display advertisements on your web properties.

  • frame Select a topic for your ad placements

    To optimize your advertising strategy, we offer several topics for you to choose from. This will help you select the best ad placements for your web properties and ensure maximum revenue generation.

  • frame Set your monetization preferences

    Our platform allows you to customize your monetization settings, including the rewards you want to get and other options to maximize your earnings. This guarantees that your advertising campaigns produce the best outcomes possible.

why work with us

Be a part of stable growing
and profitable network of publishers

image is the highest volume publisher on Zeeto platform and a success case on how a publisher can scale ad revenue with profitable Yes Prospects, maintain consistent traffic, and be a data source for Zeeto advertisers.

Through the Tibrio properties, more than 25 million questions are being asked every day and unique data is collected based on them in accordance with security and privacy policies. Such scale allows for obtaining relevant highly-qualified prospects with the specific high-value actionable attributes, intentions, behavior patterns, and insights.

Via Zeeto, Tibrio regularly creates new properties easily and quickly in order to reach new audiences at scale and to generate more revenue.

  • Gross revenue


  • 132.5M

    Total impressions


    Impressions per day
  • Conversions

    59.4 M

    Total conversions


    Active campaigns per day


    Distinct primary placements visits

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Zeeto placement?
    This is where you would host the Zeeto unit on your website. Your visitors will be asked questions and will only be offered campaigns that are relevant to them. The location blends perfectly with your entire user experience.
  • What is the cost of using the Zeeto Ad Network?
    Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero. We don't charge a fee for this killer system; instead, we pay you. You can quickly get started by adding the ZAN embed code onto your web properties and then sit back watching the money come in!
  • How does the revenue share work?
    Zeeto's payment is deducted from the advertiser's fees. Your revenue share is determined between you and your account manager.
  • What can I control within my placements?
    You may customize the appearance and content of your placement to match the overall experience of your site. You decide how many questions may be asked and how many advertisements can be displayed.
  • Do I control the amount of traffic that interacts with a placement?
    Yes, you control the percentage of allocated traffic that interacts with a placement. We recommend driving at least 20% of traffic to see what the Zeeto Ad placement can do for you.
  • How do questions and attributes work?
    Zeeto’s real-time bidding platform asks questions to visitors within our network of publishers to discover on-demand data points. Every time a visitor gives an answer it uncovers an attribute that you can target your campaigns to.

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