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The ad network powered by smart questions.

how it works

For Publishers

Easy Implementation, Fast Monetization.

Unlike traditional ad networks that use context to target ads, Zeeto uses questions to discover data and then uses the answers to target ads. All Zeeto ads are shown directly after the questions is asked in a native, embedded format.

Select Your Placements

Create a new revenue source for your site or app in places like registrations, installs, subscriptions and paywalls.

Questions Meet Visitors

We present visitors with smart questions and find high-value, actionable visitor attributes. Newly discovered insights transform low-value traffic to highly desirable premium traffic.

Relax and Watch the Money Roll in

Advertisers bid and compete for your dynamically created inventory. We handle and fulfill all of the transactions and send you a check.

Benefits For All Your Business Needs.

Maximize your revenue opportunities with publisher tools to pave the way for a new monetization stream.

Highest Bid Wins

Smart question generated ad inventory is auctioned to your approved list of advertisers in the Zeeto Ad Network ensuring you get top dollar for every impression.

Control Your Brand

Placements seamlessly fit on your website or app. You control what advertisers can appear on your site and the offers you want your visitors to see.

Plug & Play

Implementing a Zeeto placement is as easy as embedding a snippet of code. Once in place, our platform gets to work – asking visitors smart questions and using their answers to display high-value ads.

LTV Reporting

Always know what’s going on. With Zeeto reports you’ll always have visibility into performance so you can forecast and make the decisions that fit your business.


Maximize your revenue opportunities with a native placement that is seamlessly powerful.

The Anti-Paywall

Get a new revenue stream that can supplement paywalls by prompting your visitors to answer a flow of questions. This creates an alternative opportunity to monetize your visitors when they don’t wish to go through a paywall.


In-App Events

Grow your revenue opportunities by expanding your monetization events. Zeeto in your in-app purchase flows give users that don’t want to pay the option to view an ad instead, driving engagement without sacrificing revenue.


App Installs

Maximize revenue for every hard-won install from day one. We help you make advertising revenue without losing valuable real estate by inserting a smart question flow to your app install flow.



A Zeeto powered registration enables you to immediately contribute to your bottom line. Simply and easily insert a question flow to your existing registration and uncover high value targeting data about each and every visitor. When you work with Zeeto you can tap into our huge exchange of advertisers or partner with advertisers you already work with.

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