Level up your conversions through a question-based lead generation technology. Define questions. Analyze received data. Get a motivated audience.

Our benefits

  • icon Full control of your workflow

    Create, manage, and optimize your campaigns at any time. Get your ads in front of the right person using granular targeting settings.

  • icon High volume publishers
    with high ROI placements

    in all categories you need: from retail to politics.

  • icon 24/7 Client Support

    Our team is ready to help you reach your business goals: from redesigning the creative materials to A/B test assistance. For free.

How it works

  • frame Explore lead-generation options with your dedicated manager

    Firstly, contact your dedicated manager, who will help you understand your needs and guide you through the process of setting up your campaign.

  • frame Precise targeting setup with ease offers a self-serve platform that simplifies campaign targeting with various options, such as demographics and over 400 other data points.

  • frame Choose the right ad creative

    We provide guidance on how to create effective ad creatives for your campaigns. Our ad creative guidelines will help you make sure that your ad creatives are optimized for maximum performance and help you stand out from the competition.

  • frame Monitor and track your high-quality leads

    Once you have set up your targeting and campaign, our self-serve platform provides detailed reports and allows you to monitor and control your campaigns. You have the ability to adjust your targeting preferences to ensure you are receiving only the best leads that closely match your needs and those of your company.

  • frame Optimize your campaigns for better results

    Our platform is designed to increase the efficiency of your campaigns (like Lead response, Average Acceptance Rate, Placement Distribution etc) and ensure the growth of your business. With our help, you can reach more customers and achieve better results. Our team will work with you to optimize your campaigns and improve your ROI.

our solutions

Cover the complete customer
lifecycle with Zeeto

  • icon
    Lead generation

    We detect and filter out all of the irrelevant and redundant data, and then we provide you with the most valuable one. Your ad
    will only be seen by leads who are ready
    to buy and who will say "Yes, I need this!" by clicking.

  • icon

    We increase the retention of customers who return to purchase or continue using your product or service, which reduces
    the churn rate. This enables you to increase customer loyalty and significantly increase profits.

  • icon

    We create various reports that are based on our surveys. This enables our clients to gather important information and insights that can then be used to inform their decisions and strategies.

  • icon
    On-site display ads

    Need sponsored product ads or display banners on retailer sites as an additional source of leads? We can help with that too.

use cases

Do you need to grow sales?

A national furniture company is trying to sell more to existing customers. They want to send personalized marketing messages featuring the next piece of furniture the client plans to purchase. The company needs answers to carry out this campaign.

  • Overview

    The company already purchases data from vendors and has full purchase history of all their customers. Experience tells them that they only want to contact customers who have spent over $5,000 in their stores. They can target these customers in Zeeto’s platform by securely uploading a targeting list.‍

    When anyone on that list visits a partner's website in the network, Zeeto asks them the question. As the questions are answered, Zeeto streams them back to the retailer’s CRM and email system, allowing them to customize their marketing material for much higher efficiency.

  • The Result

    The furniture company was able to send brochures to their customers showcasing the type of furniture that each customer was looking for. This resulted in a 12% increase in conversions for this campaign.

    As the consumers answered questions, Zeeto streamed the data back to their CRM system (and could have sent via a batch file). This supplemented the profile they already had on the individual with actionable data they couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. In addition, the client as able to log in to Zeeto’s platform to see real-time metrics.

Do you need to retain customers?

A telecom company is trying to retain cell phone subscribers. They only want to engage with customers that are planning to shop for a new provider. The company needs answers to maximize their chances of retaining each client.

  • Overview

    Their question is simple: Are you planning on renewing your cell phone contract?The company’s business intelligence team has identified, with roughly 57% accuracy, a group of customers that have the highest potential to churn. They can target these individuals by securely uploading the list to Zeeto.

    When anyone on that list visits a publisher in the network, Zeeto asks them the questions. When the person answers that they are likely to shop around, Zeeto asks a follow-up question: What do you care about most? As the questions are answered, Zeeto can stream the answers back to the telco’s CRM system.

  • The Result

    As customers answer their questions, Zeeto streams the data back to their marketing automation system or with the option to send via a batch file. This supplementation to the customer record allowed them to address the customers at risk.

Do you need to acquire new customers?

An innovative pharmacy that makes it more convenient to regularly take your supplements and medications by prepackaging them, is looking to acquire new customers. The company needs answers to make their acquisition efforts efficient.‍

  • Overview

    Their question is simple: How many vitamins, supplements and medications do you take per day?

    The company has coverage in 4 states. They can target these people in Zeeto’s platform by configuring who they are looking for, in this case men and women over the age of 55, in CA, NV, CO, and WA.‍

    When anyone matching the targeting visits a partner's website in the network, Zeeto asks them the question. When the person answers, the company can have Zeeto present an ad or they can have Zeeto place a retargeting cookie, building a first party data set.

  • The Result

    Any visitor who answered the question stating they take at least 7, was shown a display advertisement for the pharmacy’s product. Since only those who were most likely to convert and were the most profitable for the pharmacy were presented with the ad, the pharmacy enjoyed double-digit performance improvement over a traditional ad network.

Do you need to poll voters?

The campaign of a gubernatorial candidate wants to avoid surprises during the race. They are interested in the opinions of registered voters. The campaign needs answers so they can respond to swings in voter intent in real time.

  • Overview

    The campaign has done phone polls in the past, but now they want to engage in real time and impact the direction of the race.

    When anyone matching the targeting visits a publisher in the network, Zeeto asks them the questions. Using each person’s answer, the campaign can engage effectively; rallying committed voters to volunteer and sharing educational content with those who are unsure. Because over 100k people answer questions through Zeeto’s network each day, campaigns can easily and quickly reach their goal of 800 voters daily for statistically significant data and with that gain the ability to re-focus overall messaging quickly in the time sensitive world of elections.

  • The Result

    Continuous polling of likely voters' opinions with comprehensive reports through our interface that are updated in real time. The campaign was able to change polling questions in minutes and make immediate improvements to their strategy, messaging and targeting.

Discover why key companies choose Zeeto for lead generation

  • 29.5M Distinct primary placement visits
  • 163K Conversions per day
  • 59.4M Total conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to advertise on Zeeto?
    Firstly, signing up and using Zeeto is entirely free. Once you sign up, you only spend as much as you’re willing. Zeeto uses a real-time bidding system where you will compete against other advertisers to have your ad appear on one of our placements.
  • How does billing work?
    Zeeto bills daily for the previous day's spending activity via credit card.
  • What do I need to get my ads on Zeeto?
    Creating an ad campaign on Zeeto is super easy. Once you have base campaign information, add a creative, start bidding, and you’re ready to go.
  • What's a bid? How does it work?
    It works like an auction house. Zeeto pits you against other advertisers and allows you to spend only what you’re willing to spend. What sets Zeeto apart is how our bidding system works. Along with general demographic info, Zeeto lets you bid on customers with specific attributes such as “likes to travel” or “has Diabetes.”
  • What determines who will see my ad?
    Zeeto uses smart questions to dig into who potential customers are. Say you have an ad for bagels, and we’ll ask the audience questions like “Do you enjoy breakfast foods?” or “Are you gluten-free?”. This lets you bid on the breakfast lovers, and skip those who are not into gluten.
  • What type of campaigns can I run?
    Zeeto has 4 campaign types:
    - SOI Email — for marketing to a visitor via email
    - SOI Phone — for marketing to a visitor via telephone
    - Linkout — for leading a visitor to a landing page directly
    - Direct Mail — for mailing a visitor a piece of snail mail to their home address
  • What browsers does Zeeto work with?
    Zeeto only works in Chrome. Sorry, all you Firefox or Safari diehards.
  • What if I run into issues during the campaign setup process?
    Zeeto provides a Private Slack channel to all of its clients. In that channel, you have real-time access to the Client Success Team. The manager will help you with campaign setup, optimization, or any other platform questions.

Still need help?