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  • How much does it cost to advertise on Zeeto?
    Firstly, signing up and using Zeeto is entirely free. Once you sign up, you only spend as much as you’re willing. Zeeto uses a real-time bidding system where you will compete against other advertisers to have your ad appear on one of our placements.
  • How does billing work?
    Zeeto bills daily for the previous day's spending activity via credit card.
  • What do I need to get my ads on Zeeto?
    Creating an ad campaign on Zeeto is super easy. Once you have base campaign information, add a creative, start bidding, and you’re ready to go.
  • What's a bid? How does it work?
    It works like an auction house. Zeeto pits you against other advertisers and allows you to spend only what you’re willing to spend. What sets Zeeto apart is how our bidding system works. Along with general demographic info, Zeeto lets you bid on customers with specific attributes such as “likes to travel” or “has Diabetes.”
  • What determines who will see my ad?
    Zeeto uses smart questions to dig into who potential customers are. Say you have an ad for bagels, and we’ll ask the audience questions like “Do you enjoy breakfast foods?” or “Are you gluten-free?”. This lets you bid on the breakfast lovers, and skip those who are not into gluten.
  • What type of campaigns can I run?
    Zeeto has 4 campaign types:
    - SOI Email — for marketing to a visitor via email
    - SOI Phone — for marketing to a visitor via telephone
    - Linkout — for leading a visitor to a landing page directly
    - Direct Mail — for mailing a visitor a piece of snail mail to their home address
  • What browsers does Zeeto work with?
    Zeeto only works in Chrome. Sorry, all you Firefox or Safari diehards.
  • What if I run into issues during the campaign setup process?
    Zeeto provides a Private Slack channel to all of its clients. In that channel, you have real-time access to the Client Success Team. The manager will help you with campaign setup, optimization, or any other platform questions.
  • What is a Zeeto placement?
    This is where you would host the Zeeto unit on your website. Your visitors will be asked questions and will only be offered campaigns that are relevant to them. The location blends perfectly with your entire user experience.
  • What is the cost of using the Zeeto Ad Network?
    Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero. We don't charge a fee for this killer system; instead, we pay you. You can quickly get started by adding the ZAN embed code onto your web properties and then sit back watching the money come in!
  • How does the revenue share work?
    Zeeto's payment is deducted from the advertiser's fees. Your revenue share is determined between you and your account manager.
  • What can I control within my placements?
    You may customize the appearance and content of your placement to match the overall experience of your site. You decide how many questions may be asked and how many advertisements can be displayed.
  • Do I control the amount of traffic that interacts with a placement?
    Yes, you control the percentage of allocated traffic that interacts with a placement. We recommend driving at least 20% of traffic to see what the Zeeto Ad placement can do for you.
  • How do questions and attributes work?
    Zeeto’s real-time bidding platform asks questions to visitors within our network of publishers to discover on-demand data points. Every time a visitor gives an answer it uncovers an attribute that you can target your campaigns to.

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