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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Zeeto work?
    Zeeto uses targeted questions to detect qualified leads. Answers to these questions help us understand a person's needs and match them with relevant ads. For example, we might ask, "Do you or a loved one suffer from diabetes?" A "yes" answer signals an interest in diabetes-related products. 
We then instantly connect the person with offers from relevant advertisers. This ensures you only pay for leads who are genuinely interested.
  • How much does it cost to use Zeeto?
    Zeeto operates on a real-time auction system. You set the maximum you're willing to pay per lead (your bid) and control your overall budget. This puts you in charge of your ad spending.
  • What is the typical cost per lead (CPL)?

    The CPL varies based on several factors, including:

    • Your campaign type (email opt-ins, phone leads with explicit consent or display ads)
    • The level of competition for your target audience
    • How well your ads resonate with potential customers
  • Why don't you offer RevShare or CPA models?
    Zeeto’s network thrives on all parts working in alignment. This means consumers see relevant ads, advertisers get a good return on their investment, and publishers generate revenue to support their growth. Revenue Shares and CPA, while attractive to advertisers, shift things too much in favor of the advertisers.
  • Can we review publishers for compliance purposes?
    Yes! Once you've signed up and agreed to the Terms of Use (EULA), you'll gain access to all the publishers and their placements via the Networks tab. Each site includes a description, and you have full control over where your ads run. You can then choose to only run your ads on select publishers or go to “Run of Network”. You can also bid differently by publisher.
  • Can I use Zeeto for B2B campaigns?
    Unfortunately, Zeeto is currently designed for direct-to-consumer campaigns only.
  • What locations can I target with Zeeto?
    Zeeto currently focuses on US-based audiences. Also, for optimal results, your target audience should consist of at least 8 million people. Smaller geographic areas (like a single city) may not generate enough auction activity.

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